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It was my hope when I began this blog thing that it would help me to change my introverted, procrastinating ways for the better. Here I am, these months later and I can honestly say this is one of those to add to the “failing miserably” list.  However, there is still hope, because note I wrote ‘failing’ NOT ‘failed’.

Over these past months, I have tried almost everything to “fix”my bad habits. I can happily say that I have become more…receptive to people. Yay for me! On the other hand, I am still unable to manage my time with efficiency.

I have a diary, a day planner, a daily schedule, an assignment planner and to-do list and I still manage to procrastinate. This has led me to realise a painful truth: I have no discipline. But how to get discipline is not the problem. I wish it was something I could but at a chemist, like, “hi, I’d like a pack of Panadol capsules and throw in a couple of packs of discipline while you’re at it.” So now it’s back to the drawing- more like dining- table for new strategies to re-teach myself discipline.

The good thing is I have all the tools, I just need to learn to use them (which sounds like a euphemism now that I have re-read that). Positivity is the key. Well, it actually isn’t but thinking I will fail before actually attempting something is not going to get me anywhere. So here I go on this new journey to find discipline. I have no idea how to do this short of asking my mum to come live with me (not happening- I am grown..ish), but I’ll fill you in, even if you don’t particularly care.

Happy Sunday.


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Lesson 2: Double, Triple Check

This is a tale about that one time that I completely messed up my exam schedule and studied for the wrong dang exam.

In the spirit of trying to be a better person, I actually made the effort to study this past week. It’s been going well. Developmental psychology isn’t so bad when you get past all the words in the textbook that are supposed to mean something.But I still can’t get past the fact that I have a criminal law exam tomorrow and I am now up a metaphorical creek of faeces without a paddle. (I want my mummy!)


How is it that I managed to mess up my schedule? I’m so lucky my exam is open book or should I say criminal code. Thank goodness for small miracles. So here I am attempting to properly annotate my exam materials so I don’t fail them miserably. Here’s me hoping that my case briefs are the ones I actually need.

I think it is safe to say that I learned another lesson today: double, triple check everything. Flight times, passport expiry dates, due dates for assignments and rent and of course, exam schedules. But I am trying to remain an optimist so I know everything will be alright.

Hope you have a productive week,

Larisha xx


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I need a hobby

Lately, I’ve been considering what to do outside of school and my general procrastinating nature that might be interesting and/or fun.

Hi, my name is Larisha and I have no hobbies. Not if you count sleeping and eating, at least. So this is my attempt at searching for a hobby. I have tried photography, which led to my Nikon taking a swim in the ocean. I like cooking but I prefer eating more. I found that I hate adult colouring books because they are not relaxing at all. As I have an aversion to people, any group or team related activities is off the table. But now I sound like a whiny cow and I own that. So I did what anyone does when they are searching for answers, I googled hobbies for women in their 20s and was directed to a BuzzFeed article titled 17 Hobbies To Try If You Suck At Hobbies. As I went through the list, I found myself resenting everything they listed. Why? Because they all require some modicum of regular effort. And I am nothing if not lazy. However, in the spirit of giving everything a good ole college try and in an effort not to be a whiny cow, I have decided to select one of the hobbies on the list and try it out for 30 days. Hopefully, this will fare better than my attempt at the 30-day ab challenge (3 guesses for how I did with that one).

Here’s to hoping all goes well.

Larisha xx

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Lesson 1: Discipline NOT Motivation

So here I am, sitting on my bed four days away from my exams and lacking the motivation to study. Suddenly, I find myself on Youtube because is this not the best way to procrastinate?  Am I not already an expert in this area? Anyway, I come across the #MagicalBlackGirl herself, YouTuber Evelyn from the Internets and she blesses my life with  the knowledge that generally puts me in all my places for days. She tells me (because yes she is speaking directly to me, thank you!) that what I actually lack and NEED is discipline, not motivation.


Now I am going to go on my merry way and take my #magicalunicornself off the interwebs and toward my textbooks and actually study for the next few hours.

Hope you’re day has been productive.

Larisha xx



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Journey of an Introvert: New site

Hey guys,

I haven’t been posting much because of school and life and all the other things that happen. A new exciting development for me is that I have created a new site for journeyofanintrovertprocrastinator which is more varied in its content. I’m trying out a new style.

Please check it out and let me know what you think. It’ll have some of the things I’ve already posted here as well as a few new additions.


Larisha. xx

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Sorry, Not Sorry

Is it just me or are we saying sorry a lot more these days? I don’t mean when there is a genuine need to apologise, like, when you bump into a stranger on the street or cause someone to spill their drink or even when you go into your mother’s room and play with her makeup. Those are instances where if you don’t apologise, you’re essentially a douche.

But do you ever find yourself apologising for stupid things? Like your taste in music or food or choice of clothing. It’s become so ridiculous now that I can’t do anything without finding myself needing to apologise for something. For instance, I am constantly apologising for my food preference. My best friend, since she’s the nicer one of the two of us, even apologises for sneezing aside from her food preferences. (What can I say, we like food.) The worst thing, though, is we realise we’re doing it but we can’t help it. It’s become an almost automated response to everything.

Gone are the days when you were allowed to like something just because you liked it or dislike something because it sucked. I feel as though we as a society have become so hyper-aware of hurting anyone’s feelings that we feel the need to justify everything and if we can’t, we apologise. Why? Because it’s the thing to do. Because if you don’t apologise you’re rude and we don’t like rude people.

But, please for a minute, forgive my ignorance and answer me this: why do I have to apologise for my opinions? Even if they aren’t politically correct. I’m sure we all can differentiate between an opinion, derogatory comment or racial slur or a generally assy statement using that magical concept called intent. I find it funny that even amongst friends, a disclaimer before and an apology after an opinion is offered, is pretty standard.

Please don’t get me wrong, there are times and places for hyper-awareness and political correctness. However, my decision to listen to NWA whilst wearing jeans and a sweatshirt that says ‘I’m burdened with glorious purpose’ on a Saturday afternoon in my backyard does not count as the time nor the place. With that in mind, I feel it is time to stop apologising for everything. Stop apologising that you don’t like the colour red or why you like country music or that your hair is purple or that you have tattoos. Don’t apologise for liking unicorns, thinking aliens are real or being a Jedi. Stop saying sorry for still liking comics, preferring Marvel to DC or disliking feminine clothing. Never apologise for being who you are and don’t apologise for not apologising. Instead, be responsible with your opinions. If you are going to share your opinions, educate yourself first.

If you are going to apologise, say sorry to the old lady you bumped into when you were in a rush on the way to school. Apologise to the cashier you were rude to the other day. Say sorry to the little kids you were mean to down the road and you mum for not doing the chores. Apologise to your dad for forgetting his birthday and your sister for stealing her shirt. Say sorry to your grandma for being late for dinner and  best friend for your stupid argument.

But these are just my opinions and I will not apologise for having them. I will, however, seek your forgiveness if I was in anyway insensitive and wish you a good day.

Miss Larisha xx


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V Card

Note from me: So this is by the blogger Beauty Beyond Bones and it is one of the realest things I’ve ever read. Extremely well written on a subject that may be considered a bit controversial to some but something that needs to be talked about more. Not that it’s anyone’s business if you are one but I don’t get why it’s something people marvel at. However, I do think more conversations should be had and I’m glad that someone was brave enough to start it.

OK. It’s time we talk about virginity. *Takes a shot of whisky.* Scratch that. It’s time we talk about my virginity. *Takes another shot. Slams down the glass.* Ok. Now I feel…

Source: V Card

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Clueless: What to Wear to the Opera

So this is part two of my the Clueless saga, if you can even call it that.

It’s finally hit me that I, along with my flatmate/best friend, are going to Sydney to watch an actual play in the actual Sydney Opera House…ARRRGGGHHH! I know, I’m being too repetitive with my mentioning where we’re going but come on….its the effing Opera House, the one featured in all the tourism brochures.

Anyway,  the reason that it’s finally hit me is because I just paid off the hotels and airfares and my bank account literally has nothing in it…no… but I’m serious though…nothing at all. Thank God for awesomely generous parents paying rent so I don’t have to. (Side note: please do not misunderstand me. I am, for the most part, very responsible with my money because my parents worked hard for their money and I am not a spoiled brat. Mad respect to to you if you are;) )

IMG_4780So, back to what I was saying, I have no monies now and I need an outfit. But not just any outfit…I need THE outfit… but I’m on a budget. And now my dreams are dashed because of my aforementioned problem. *insert crying faces here*

I however, have reached somewhat of a  compromise. Due to my aversion to overly feminine clothing regardless of my desire to look like Tiana from the Princess and the Frog, I have settled on a high waisted pleated tea length skirt and that’s as far as I have gotten. A little secret:  I chose this skirt because it has pockets! And I was thinking a black crop top but whether or not that would be appropriate, I have no idea. I need help! The one saving grace is that my mum bought me these awesome black heels that I can’t walk in that go really well with the skirt. Also, I am deathly afraid of being undressed or tripping or making a general fool of myself. *banging head against table*

And this is where I leave you. If ANYONE is reading this and has any helpful opinions, please feel free to share with this clueless hopeless procrastinator.

Miss Larisha xx


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Clueless: Opera House Prep

I recently procured tickets to go to the Sydney Opera House to watch My Fair Lady which is being directed by Julie Andrews. This post however is not going to be a summary of the play or my love for Julie Andrews. No. This is about everything else that going to the Opera House entails.

Growing up a tomboy had its advantages. I was taught not to cry but to hit back, to be manipulative and cunning if my opponent was bigger than me and most importantly, I was taught to love the t-shirt-jeans-sneaker combo, a staple of everyday life. But I can’t wear that to the Opera House because apparently it’s not “appropriate”. This leaves me at a huge disadvantage as for the last 20 odd years I have avoided dresses and skirts like they are the plague and WHAT EVEN ARE HIGH HEELS? These contraptions worn only by the bravest of society. How is one even supposed to walk in them, there is NO SUPPORT.

The second major obstacle that I am being faced with is makeup. There is just so much: the brand labels, drug store makeup,  the primer, foundation, concealer, under eye concealer (there’s a difference?), friggin’ contour kits and setting powder and don’t even get me started on the zillion types of brushes that are used.  I can’t tell you how many youtube makeup tutorials I’ve watching in the last month trying to figure it out. At this point, I just can’t even but I’ll keep you updated, whoever you are.

If anyone is reading this at all and has any tips for this clueless hopeless procrastinator, your comments would be most appreciated.

Miss Larisha xx



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Political Strife: PNG

In the past, I have always tried to avoid voicing any of my personal opinions on politics that occur in the sovereign nation of Papua New Guinea. However, tonight, with the assistance of courage juice, I have decided to step out of the shadows to offer my two toea on the issue.

There is currently what is referred to as cvil unrest in Papua New Guinea. Such a sad state of affairs considering that the ones most disadvantaged by the occurrence are the students that attend the University of Papua New Guinea and The University of Technology.

From what I have observed, the students of the respective universities have staged multiple protests to oust the current Prime Minister Honourable Peter O’Neil. There have been numerous hashtags that I have observed on social media from #justiceforUPNGstudents to #UPNGforPNG. Please do not misunderstand my statement as being disrespectful but in the face of so much conflict I would hope that some middle ground may be reached that hears and respects voices on BOTH sides.

To put things into perspective, I live in Australia, and at the current moment, many nationals would claim that those of the population living overseas do not care  however that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We care just as much as anyone living in our beautiful homeland. However the difference is that we cannot do much in the way of influencing any change in the government save casting our votes in the upcoming elections.

It is my personal hope that justice will prevail and that all stakeholders will be both respected and have their point of views considered, if not understood. A resolution cannot be reached until both sides understand that this is not possible without compromise. We all want the best for our beautiful and diverse country and this in the end is what we all should be striving for.


God Bless Papua New Guinea